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Terms and Conditions

- To confirm your booking a 50% deposit is required within 24hours from the reservation. The payment can be made through wire transfer
- The balance is due 60 days prior to arrival, by bank transfer

- The reservation is confirmed upon receipt proof of payment of the amount required under the terms and conditions of the document "pre-reservation"
- Once the payment is confirmed, a voucher is issued with the necessary details relating to the booking
- The voucher is the only element produced as proof of booking
- The number of people shown on the Voucher refers to the exact set that you can make use of the rented property
- Verification of a larger number of people than the identified in the Voucher and above the advertised capacity of the property, will result in loss of as well as entitlement to the rental contract, without reimbursement, conferring legitimacy to the owner, directly or through the intermediary of Villas2go2, to undertake the collection of amounts payable in Check In
- Costs related to changes requested for modification, addition or restriction on the data, after the voucher is issued, shall be the responsibility of the holder of booking, and charged € 5 with the designation of "extra" when reissue the voucher;
- In verification of a larger number of people identified in the Voucher and over advertised capacity of their property (overcrowding), during the stay, will result in an immediate and abrupt end of the right to temporary lease held by the Voucher, forcing the immediate abandonment of the property of at least the surplus number of people. It will also be payable by the booking holder, to Villas2go2, a compensation for the surplus people stay up to date, at the rate of € 20 per night per person. The damage deposit may also be retained until further clarification of overcrowding.

Damage deposit:
- All properties require a damage deposit. Please check the amount on the advert.
- Damage deposit is payable in cash at the check-in or via Bank transfer 7 days prior to arrival.
- Provided that there are no damages to report, the amount is refunded by bank transfer, up to 7 days after departure.
- Please note that if any willful and negligent behavior is not covered by this amount, you may be asked to cover the cost of damage locally.

All necessary interventions from Lda due to damages made by guests, have a base charge of €25 plus taxes.

In case pets are allowed in this property and you wish to bring yours, an extra damage deposit is applicable: 200€ per pet.

Cancelation terms:

-All cancelled reservations have a 50% cancelation fee which corresponds to the deposit)
-if cancelation is made less than 60 days prior to arrival, full reservation amount is charged.
Check in and Check out:
- The pre-scheduled time for check-in is from 5pm to 9pm and check out until 10am.

- late check-in (after 9pm) can be arranged at all times and has a charge of €40 payable directly to the caretaker.
- Changes may be arranged in advance in accordance with availability anterior and posterior of the property as well as cleaner s schedule
- Occasionally, and particularly on Saturdays in July and August, delays up to 90 minutes may occur in the preparation of the properties. The sporadic verification of such a situation does not give the customer the right to any compensation or discount.

- Any complaints on the general state of the property, broken items or cleanlinees, must be reported within 24hour after the check in.
Other services:
Several properties require different types of interventions, permanent or occasional, on which depends the proper maintenance of infrastructure and equipment in order to ensure the habitability and comfort conditions for tenants, especially Gardening, pool Maintenance and Sanitation.
- Occasionally, different interventions for repairs, replacements or additions to existing equipment may be needed.
- The rejection or non-viability of these services by the beneficiary, or denial of access to property, whether of title, result in the loss to the right of this service.
- reserves the right to intervene in any situation it considers urgent, even without the consent of the owner / representative, beneficiary or booking holder.

- All necessary interventions from Lda due to damages made by guests, have a base charge of €25 plus taxes.
- None of the accommodations advertised on this site are the property of the company Villas2go2, or any of its partners, employees or officials.
- The same properties are managed and maintained by the respective owners and / or their representatives for this purpose, as well as other entities in which may have been delegated such powers.
- Villas2go2 through this site or other of its membership, provides and manages the entire process from the request for availability information until the time of Check In.
- From the moment of check In only serves as a mediator between the owner / representative and the customer, providing support and emergency contacts.
Our holiday homes are equipped for the maximum number of people indicated.
The following equipment is included in our holiday property s kitchen:
- Refrigerator, stove, oven, coffee machine, blender, toaster, iron and ironing board.

During the months of June, July, August and September, this property s changeover day is previously set - Saturday
- When advertised or contracted under extraordinary cleaning or derivatives thereof, during the stay, their schedules are not subject to prior arrangement
-These services will take place on weekdays between 09.00 and 19.00
- In exceptional circumstances and according to the availability of these services, guidelines or statements of preference as days or hours will be accepted, reviewed and matched as far as possible
- The rejection or non-viability of these services by the beneficiary, or denial of access to property, whether of title, result in the loss of the right to this service.

The indicated rental prices include:

- Change of bed linen and towels once a week (more than 10 nights rental).
- General cleaning service (more than 10 nights rental).
- Final Cleaning
- Water supply
- Gas (if applicable on the property selected)
- Electricity

Additional information about optional extras:
- Small food pack includes: tea, milk, jam, butter, biscuits, bread, water, eggs, salt, fruit and sugar. Price: 35€
Food pack includes: oil, wine, seasonal fruit, juice pack, cheese, ham, a bag of coffee, sugar, pate or similar, canned sardines, bacon, beans, sausages, eggs, salt, milk, biscuits, bread ,water ,jam, butter, tea and milk. These items are subject to availability of day/ time of year. Price: 75€

Other optional services:
- Transfers to and from the property - please request price.
- Extra cleaning - 15€/hour on weekdays and 20€/hour on weekends

"Double Bookings" / Impossibility of reservations
Sometimes, for various reasons in various circumstances, we confirm reservations there are not viable. Common reasons are: Termination of agreement with the owner / representative; prior verification of disparity between the published information and fact; Prior verification of disabled living conditions (occasional or permanent); Transaction of the property reserved.
Not being frequent, situations occur for which we are usually unrelated and therefore we are to arrange and set procedures in advance:
- When identified and announced to the holder of the voucher up to 90 days prior to the scheduled date of Check In, the booking holder  may choose between the full deposit refund and the choice of another property which is available for the same dates or other, applying the published values of the new property;
- When identified and announced to the holder of the voucher within 30 to 90 days before the scheduled date of Check In, the booking holder can choose between a full refund of the deposit and other properties equivalent or superior quality to be proposed by Villas2go2, for the same dates or other accepted. Under these conditions the “upgrade” system will apply, i.e. if the value of stay in the new property is found higher, the difference will be assumed by Villas2go2.
   - When identified and announced to the booking holder,  less than 30 days before the scheduled date of Check In, the following measures will apply:
   - Telephone and via mail, Villas2go2 will transmit the situation and reasons.
   - In the course of 4 working days will try to meet at least three properties of equal or superior quality, sending photographs and description of these.
   - The booking holder must inform the Villas2go2 by mail of their decision in good time and / or within the time limits are set
   - In case of election of one of the properties, will be applied to upgrade the system, as described above
   - Failing to find and propose to the holder of the voucher at least one property under the conditions mentioned above, in a similar area, may this holder be reimbursed in the amount of deposit, plus 15% of the total reservation made and subsequently canceled, ending the right to any booking inherent to the Voucher issued dispensing with any other compensation.
- The criteria to be adopted for properties equivalent or superior shall be based on the following factors:
   - Location (County / Parish)
   - Number of bedrooms
   - Equipment (Pool, BBQ, Air Conditioning, Etc)
   - In case of discord, will serve as a reference point the resulting asset value of the simulator of the National Financial Office, available and accessible on that institution’s website.



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